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Return Policies 

Return Policies 
As a company, our sales help to build our business to where we are today. Please take the time to read over our return policy if you wish to purchase something from our store. Please do not hesitate to contact a staff representative at



If you wish to return an item due to personal reasons, please contact a staff representative who will provide you with a return form to fill out. Please subject the email to  ' [Return] - Invoice#(Number) '

Your return must not have
✖️Been Worn, Washed or have labels missing. 
✖️Damaged or Torn (Including marks).
✖️Have incorrect packaging. 
✖️Have Odor 

If your return includes these, the package will be declined to receive a refund and will be sent back. 

All packages are tracked and photographed before being sent out. This is a security measure we must take to make sure your package is suitable for arrival and for our shipping couriers. Once we have been alerted that your package has arrived and been signed by you, you will have 14 days to return your item if you wish.

* - 14 days is our time period for you to contact us. This isn't a wait time for a package to be sent to us.  

Event Tickets
Ticket for an event may be refunded only 24 hours within purchase. They cannot be refunded before or after an event has happened. 

Damaged Goods 

If you believe your package was tampered with, damaged or has issues with the packaging, you will need to contact our support team under the subject 

' [Damage] - Return ' at 

Note: You will need to submit photographic evidence of the damages.

Payment & Credits 

Once we have approved your return, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours of arrival to our facilities. SÄRSKILD™️ does not have a credit system for purchases or store use. You will be refunded your purchase excluding shipping rate to have the item sent back to us. The refund may take 1-5 business days depending on your card issuer's policy. 

 We will be notified for transactions that have been correctly sent. You will not be allowed to change the card you wish to have the refund on. The refund will be only sent to the biller's information given to us. 


International Returns

SÄRSKILD™️ does not currently offer exchanges for international customers. We will offer a refund on faulty products.

Please Be Aware!

This can be changed without notice. Make to read up about our policies every time you decide to order. Keep your invoices as well. 


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